A Private Island...

...just ten minutes (5.5 miles) from the city of Gig Harbor, Raft Island is located on the Puget Sound with spectacular sunsets and views of Henderson Bay, the Olympic Mountains, and Cutts Island or "Deadmans" (pictured above). Connected to the mainland by a new, modern concrete bridge (which replaced the 788-foot timber bridge in 2014), there are approximately 200 homes on 160 acres.  Islanders enjoy two community beaches, a boatlaunch, park areas and a tennis court.  The Island is managed by the Raft Island Improvement Association (RIIA) and an Island Manager.



The installation of 20 speed humps authorized by the ballot measure is complete. Painting of the humps is pending. Residents are advised to drive with caution and be alert to the changes in the traffic pattern.

RIIA Board

Members can review the report submitted by the special committee for the placement of speed calming devices.

Board meetings are held at 7 pm on the third Monday of every month (except in unusual circumstances). Check the Calendar of Events (on the Menu) for the next date and time.

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Display the proposals for sweeping the island roads in 2018, one for dumping material off site, and one for dumping the collected material on site.

From The Island Manager

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  • All vehicles parked at the South Beach parking area must display a Raft Island Parking Permit on the driver's side of the windshield. Any vehicles without a permit displayed will be towed at the owner's expense.

    If you need to get a permit, please call HOA Community Solutions at 253-985-3812. Each property owner is allowed a maximum of two permits, which can be transferred between vehicles as necessary. If you have lost a permit, replacements can be purchased for $5 each. Worn out permits will be swapped out for no charge, but you must bring in the old permit with you.

    There have also been reported thefts from vehicles recently at the South Beach. Please lock your vehicles and keep all valuables out of sight. Report any suspicious persons, activity or vehicles to the Sheriff Department by calling 911.

  • Break-ins on the island are an unfortunate fact of life. It is important to take every precaution to prevent theft and burglary. Keep doors locked and garage doors closed, even during the daylight hours!


Other policies (such as boat launch, parks and recrecation, parking and street maintenance) can be found on the Community page.



Map of Raft Island and Gig Harbor

Aerial Photo of Raft Island

Lot Map

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